Water Mist Fire Fighting

The term “Water Mist” refers to fine water sprays in which 99% of the volume of the spray is in drops with diameters less than 1000 microns.

The use of water mist in fire suppression, compared to the use of gaseous agents and conventional sprinkler systems, has demonstrated advantages including the following:

  • No toxic and asphyxiation problems
  • No environmental problems
  • Low system cost
  • Limited or No water damage
  • High efficiency in suppressing certain fires

image2The following overview contains typical applications for high-pressure water mist systems:

  • Hotels and Hospitals
  • Office Buildings and Museums
  • Archives and Libraries
  • Engine Test Stands
  • Gas Turbines
  • Transformers
  • Object Protection of Machines and Generators
  • Protection of Machinery Rooms
  • Computer Rooms and Control Rooms
  • Industrial Deep Fat Fryers and Industrial Furnaces
  • Deep Fat Fryers / Kitchen Areas
  • Exhaust Ducts
  • Cable Tunnels
  • Retail Areas
  • Laboratory Areas
  • Cleanrooms
  • Storage and Production Facilities of Flammable Liquids
  • Component Cooling / Compensation



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