About us

About us

Z-eta supports customers through every step of the manufacturing process. From prototyping to delivery, each customer is assigned a dedicated support team to seamlessly move programs through production.

About ZETA

Zirsakht Tadbir  Arian Co. (ZETA) is a private joint-stock company, provider of engineering services, high technology products, and integrated custom solutions in fields of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Water & Waste Water, and Energy Saving industries.

We provide:

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and project management services

for advanced technologies which deliver high added value for our customer.

Production 75%

We are in a country with variety of industries and huge potential for new idea and technologies. Gathering of experienced persons from several fields with experience on all steps of executing projects made capable ZETA to execute a project from conceptual design to start-up.

Zeta does not want to be a general contractor and compete with old and experience GCs. Zeta wants to do something that others have not much experience on it. Thanks to support of technologic pioneer partners, Zeta will bring new idea and execute for projects to drastically increase the plant efficiency.

Construction 92%

Where We are Going

Our Mission

We want to be an advanced technology based contractor who brings efficient solutions and services in order to deliver high added value to all interested parties.

Our Vision

We want to be recognized as a leading provider of highest available technology and integrated solutions in the best possible time in Middle East & CIS countries.

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Our Values

Our values are at the basis of the work we do. They make us unique and guide our decisions and actions. Zeta have attention to his employees life style and we are committed to below attributes:


Self Motive

Professional Ethics

Customer Interests

What makes us unique

Coherent organizational structure and specialized departments give us the ability to handle the projects through using experts’ knowledge, quickly and efficiently. 

International Standards

We continuously improve our system, processes, and organization knowledge to provide you world-class services.


ZETA’s engineering concept is based on innovation, experience, and efficiency. 


We provide high-tech equipment from reputable manufacturers from all over the world. 


We can integrate your projects by managing projects, handling OEM, and Construction. 

Operation Support

We stand beside our customers in every step of the installation, commissioning, and process.

Contact ZETA

How Can We Help Your Business?

Contact our experts to 


Network of professionals

Partners of ZETA

ZETA is a part of Dahi Bondad holding which is a group of companies with a variety of services. Being part of an international holding has given us unlimited possibilities in projects.