Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge

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Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment

One of the most efficient ways of water treatment is considered Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD for short) and because of it, this method is usually seen as a last resort. In ZLD we use the most up-to-date and the most advanced technologies to limit the amount of waste and pollution which resides in the water waste. As the name suggests, the final product of this method usually does not have any pollutants in it, on the other hand, in this method the core objective is to maximize water recovery and minimize wastewater discharge. If the ZLD system is properly designed, planned, and is executed in the most efficient way the following benefits could be anticipated:

The system should be able to treat various flowrates, contamination and pollutants.
It should be able to treat and separate some by-products such as salts or brines.
The system should be allowed and able to get the required chemical volumes adjustments.
The system should be able to recover around 95% of the liquid waste in order to reuse it further.
At the end, the ZLD system should be able to produce a dry, solid cake in order to use it or dispose it.

About the ZLD Process

In general, the ZLD treatment system could potentially solve or ease the water shortage challenge we face today with maximizing the water recovery and minimizing the waste disposal. This could help with the water shortage problem in the dry areas. On top of that, this process could benefit both the producer and the consumer with its advantages such as low environmental impact and abiding the environmental limits and regulations.

The specific stages of a particular ZLD system will largely depend on different factors such as the volume of the dissolved material present in the waste, the system’s required flowrate and the types of the different pollutants present in that waste. In another words one can not simply determine the exact stages of a ZLD system without having sufficient data. We need to know what kind of pollutants or contamination we are dealing with beforehand and based on these data we can come up with a proper plan to execute the most suitable ZLD system. 

In general, the most basic stages of the ZLD treatment system typically includes some of the stages mentioned below:

The said stages were some of the most basic components of The ZLD system but they could be altered to fit the consumer’s needs and demands. Because of the flexible nature of this method, one could argue that the ZLD system is customizable. Different components, stages, and processes could be removed or added to the basic design of the said treatment to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

There are many factors leading to the importance of the ZLD method. Reducing water supply costs is one of the most important incentives for consumers to adopt this method. On top of that, ZLD could lead to lower waste output and it could produce a dry solid waste cake, which is really easy to get rid of. This will make the disposal process much easier and could lower the potential costs in this field.

Sometimes the goal of some companies or factories may be to recycle wastewater and sell the resulting products in the market, using ZLD is one of the best ways to achieve that since it will maximize water recycle and minimize waste discharge. Maximizing the amount of water recovered can reduce the dependence of factories and power plants on local water resources to a desirable level and not only save on water purchase costs and waste disposal but also satisfy many environmental laws and restrictions to a satisfactory level.

Zirsakht Tadbir Arian (ZETA) Company is one of the leading companies providing engineering services such as Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Water, and Wastewater Treatment. The company has undertaken several large projects and has successfully implemented them. ZETA is committed to carrying out all the steps required to launch various treatment systems, including MLD and ZLD treatment systems, from the design and engineering stage, equipment purchase, installation and final commissioning. By abiding all the principles and rules of engineering and environmental regulations and with the help of the best engineers and specialists active in the field, Zirsakht Tdbir Arian Co is able to undertake large projects and taking responsibility for all of the necessary steps needed such as system design, purchase and preparation of ​the equipment, installation and final preparation. ZETA does all of these steps with the best and most up-to-date equipment and methods and provides the most efficient and high-quality services to its customers.

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