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Water and Wastewater Post-Treatment Process

The post-treatment process encompasses crucial steps aimed at maintaining wastewater stability, disinfection, corrosion control in water supply systems, and potential processes like degasification or air stripping. Key concerns for power and treatment plants during post-treatment involve effluent composition, mineral content introduced during treatment stages, disinfection, and storage materials for final effluent. Various methods are employed for post-treatment, including Electrodeionization (EDI), Mixed Bed, and Ion Exchange.

Electrodeionization method (EDI)
Ion-Exchange method
Mixed Bed method

Zirsakht Tadbir Arian (ZETA) Company selects the most appropriate method, considering regulatory requirements, system design, water quality criteria, and water chemistry. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and equipment, ZETA excels in executing these processes, ensuring optimal results.

Single Service


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