Dosing Packages

Dosing Packages

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Dosing Packages

Zirsakht Tadbir Arian Company offers tailored dosing package systems to meet clients’ specific requirements, enabling precise control over the addition of chemicals or additives in water and wastewater treatment processes and other industrial applications. These systems serve various purposes, including disinfection, pH adjustment, coagulation, flocculation, and corrosion control.

Our offerings include:

Chlorination and Dechlorination Systems:

Utilized for water disinfection, these gas chlorination systems (NaOCl Dosing Package) ensure effective treatment. To effectively remove chlorine from water, we offer SMBS (Sodium metabisulfite) Preparation & Dosing Packages.

PH Adjustment Systems:

Equipped with tanks for acid or alkali solutions, dosing pumps, and pH sensors, these systems maintain optimal pH levels. We offer a range of packages, including the H2SO4 Package, Caustic (NaOH) Package, Na2CO3 Preparation & Dosing Package, and more.

Coagulation and Flocculation Systems:

These systems introduce chemicals such as aluminum sulfate (alum) or ferric chloride (FeCl3 Package) to initiate coagulation and flocculation processes. In addition, we provide Polyelectrolyte Preparation & Dosing Packages.

Polymer Dosing Systems:

These systems include polymer preparation units, mixers, and dosing pumps, applicable for sludge dewatering processes.

Antiscalant and Antifoulant Dosing
Urea Dosing Package

Our dosing packages are engineered for utmost precision, incorporating advanced equipment, monitoring systems, and automation to ensure accurate dosing and real-time adjustment to changing conditions.

The examples mentioned above represent just a subset of our dosing systems. We are fully equipped to provide additional types and configurations based on specific client requests.

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