Pneumatic Conveyor Systems

Pneumatic Conveyor Systems

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Storage Tanks

One of the most important sectors in the oil and gas industry is the sector related to storage and transportation of materials. Without a proper container to store the extracted oil or gas, all the steps of refining, treatment and using them would be meaningless. Having the necessary knowledge to select the most appropriate storage container in order to collect and store valuable materials is very important and in the long run will have a significant impact on production, transfer and storage efficiency. In this section, we want to talk about the storage of valuable materials in the oil and gas industry, and then we will mention the services provided by Zirsakht Tadbir Arian (ZETA) Company in this field. It is necessary to first give a brief description of the oil and gas storage tanks and reservoirs, which you will read below.

Storage tanks are actually containers in which valuable and compressed liquids and gases can be held and stored. Depending on the pressure that these tanks will withstand or depending on whether they come in contact with hot or cold fluid, different types of tanks are used to store different materials, so it should not be assumed that any type of fluid can be used in any tank model without having the knowledge to design a suitable tank. Because liquids can spill, evaporate, or leak out of the smallest possible hole or opening; Therefore, the necessary requirements in order to provide a suitable reservoir for their safe storage is a necessary step, especially in the oil and gas industry. Usually, in order to protect the liquids that may come out of the storage tank for any reason, the area around the tank is covered with a suitable and large protector.

The purpose is to ensure that any leaks are safely controlled and that there are no potential financial or human losses. It is interesting to know that some of these tanks have a floating roof that will go up and down as the level of liquid in the tank goes up and down. The purpose of designing this model of ceilings is to prevent the accumulation of vapors above the liquid surface or at least reduce its amount to a desirable level. This model of reservoirs is used not only for safety but also for environmental regulations in the oil and gas industry.

In general, this model of tanks can be divided into two categories: 

There are many other categories available for storage tanks, but given the large number of them, each suitable for a particular situation, we will not talk more about these type of tanks.

It should be noted that ZETA Company can design, implement and install the best and most suitable fluid storage tank with the help of the latest technology in the world and with the service of top experts in the field of oil and gas. The Zirsakht Tadbir Arian (ZETA) company, with the support of its principals who are market leaders on all types of storage tanks, is in position to give its best EPC services and it will undertake all the steps from design to installation of the most suitable storage tanks. ZETA Company is able to provide its best and highest quality services in the field of storage tanks, which will be mentioned below:

LNG Storage
LPG Refrigeration, Storage and Loading Unit
Design, Supply and Construction of Tank Farms and Terminals
All Type of Storage Tanks (Atmospheric, Double Wall, PC Wall and Spherical) for all services.

Single Service


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